Transfusion of Blood Products

If patients require more than 2-3 units of PRBCs, oftentimes the presence of antibodies precludes rapid treatment

Inclusion Criteria

  • Symptomatic anemia or thrombocytopenia
  • Deficiency correctable by transfusion
  • Stable vital signs with recent labs verifying need for transfusion

Exclusion Criteria

  • Unstable vital signs
  • Active bleeding present unless transfusing platelets for thrombocytopenia and patient stable
  • End stage renal failure, dialysis patients
  • Hgb <5

Potential Interventions

  • IV started, Pre-medicate and IV hydration as needed
  • Type and Crossmatch sent if not previously done
  • Transfuse only leukocyte-reduced red cells or platelets per Nursing protocol –Repeat CBC at least 2 hours following transfusion.

Discharge Criteria


    • Stable vital signs
    • Symptoms improved
    • No fever for 1 hour after 1 unit PRBC's or 1 dose of platelets for 2 hours after 2 units PRBC's
    • No evidence of fluid overload or CHF
    • No evidence of transfusion reaction per Nursing protocol
    • Satisfactory increase in hemoglobin following transfusion


    • Transfusion reaction
    • Unstable vital signs
    • Fluid overload, CHF
    • Unavailable blood products for 18hours


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